We The JS TEXTILES-PAKISTAN are Export oriented Company established in 2003 as a Export House, with the essence of providing best quality fabric and made-up at right prices. Though only a period of 10 years passed, we started the business in Textile field, we have developed ourselves and achieved the targeted goal with in a very short period With our Dedication and Hard Work and Also With the Help of skilled and experienced staff We are producing quality Textile products to our Valued Customers Up to Their entire satisfaction level all over the world. We are producing all Kind of Fabrics (both in Cotton and Poly Cotton) in width 80-300cms of various constructions, Jacquard, Twill, Drill, Satin and Home fashion fabrics along with Made-ups i.e. Bed Sets, Bed Sheets, Quilt Covers, Table Cloth, Curtains, Fitted Sheets, Valance Sheets, Piping Pillow Shells, Mattress Covers, Kitchen Sets, Apparel, Shirting in Lycra, Jersey Lycra, Viscose fabric made ups, Fancy Embroidery Items as well as Towels (Plain, Dobby and Jacquard, Bath Mats & Slippers) and others customer ordered products. We can provide the yarn count's from 6/s to 80/s Cotton Carded & Combed Weaving, Knitting yarn, And also in PC, CVC, PV, PP yarn count's as well Polyester/Cotton for Knitting & weaving yarns Ne 6 to 45 P/C 65/35, P/C 52/48 single & twisted CVC 60/40, CVC 55/45 Carded & Combed P/C 80/20, CVC 80/20 Open End Ne 8 to 40 single & twisted for Knitting & weavings Carded 80/20, 50/50, 65/35 52/48, 55/45, 70/30 Note We are Business Partners for the Following M/S UNITED SPINNING MILLS PVT LTD M/S UNIQUE SPINNING MILLS PVT LTD M/S ISHAQ TEXTILE MILLS LTD M/S ARSHAD TEXTILE MILLS LTD

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Mian Mohammad Yaseen +92-301-85150o9 Zeeshan Ameer Saleemi +923088887822 Office Land Line No: +924237070477 Emails: mianyaseen6@gmail.com zeeshansaleemi@hotmail.com Skype: yaseen99999 Skype: zeeshanamirsaleemi Head office Address: 2-G River View Commercial Area Raiwind Road Lahore-Pakistan
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